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Low sugar wines without compromise

Restaurant quality low sugar wines, expertly curated for your drinking pleasure

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Our wines are made by artisanal winemakers, and are naturally sugar free. With no compromise on flavour, each of our low sugar wines contain less than 0.5g sugar per glass, making them technically sugar free. 

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Organic / Biodynamic

Organic or biodynamic wines, handcrafted by independent winemakers.

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Low Sulphur

<50ppm sulphites. Wine headaches no more!

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Sugar Free

Less than 0.5g net carbs/glass, making them technically sugar free.

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Low Alcohol

Our organic wines range from 10% to 13.5% ABV. Most are around 12%. 

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Vegan Friendly

No animal products are used in making our organic or biodynamic wines.

No Additives

No additives used in the winemaking process.

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Each wine is better than the last.

Malvern, Melbourne

I love Feravina because I always know exactly what I’m getting – delicious and healthy wines. I’ve never had a bad bottle from these guys. Awesome service, quick and easy, and great idea.

Fitzroy, Melbourne


Sugar is often hidden in wine, and because wine doesn’t have a nutrition label, consumers are none the wiser. A mainstream Prosecco could have 20g/L of sugar, while cheaper commercial red wines have up to 12g/L. These cheaper commercial wines only contain sugar to mask the poor quality of the grapes used to make them and make the wines taste more fruity and full-bodied. Alcohol-free wine is a particularly big offender in this case, often containing 40g/L of sugar. While there are some high-quality wines that are sweet on purpose, like German Rieslings where the sugar is an important part of the wine’s appeal, we don’t want to drink unnecessary sugar in our wine. This is why all of our wines are bone dry and statistically sugar-free, containing only trace amounts of unfermentable and usually undetectable sugars. Not only is this important to avoid unnecessary calories, it also makes the wines perfectly compatible with the ketogenic and paleo diets that many in the health and fitness world are opting for now.

When it comes to what makes a wine low sugar, there is no defined amount, however at Feravina all our wines are technically sugar free - containing less than 0.5g of sugar per glass. In most cases, our wine contains 0.2g of sugar per glass, and we display this on our online store, so you always know the sugar content of the wine you’re buying. The sugar that is remaining in the wine tends to be indigestible by humans and gets consumed by the bacteria living in our digestive tract. 

Our sommelier and founder Mike seeks out fantastic local and global low sugar wine options for you to enjoy from the comfort of home. With flavour guaranteed, we feature boutique restaurant quality low sugar whites and low sugar reds.

Yes! You can get our low sugar wines / sugar free wines delivered to your door across Australia (excluding the Northern Territory). Delivery is free of charge to metro areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane. Shipping costs to other locations are calculated at checkout. 

Feravina’s founder and sommelier Mike selects each sugar free wine to give you a rich and broad wine experience. From well-loved varieties to delicious pet-nats and rare unsung heirloom vines, drink better and discover a new world of low sugar wine.

Above all, Feravina is built off the desire to feature winemakers who embrace a natural and biodynamic growing process. Every variety sold on our site originates from ethically sound wine producers and farmers.

Our founder and sommelier Mike searches far and wide to bring the best low sugar natural wines to Australian shores. From crisp whites to full-bodied reds, each rare and special blend we source are cultivated through sustainable biodynamic farming. 

All our sugar free wines are vegan friendly, meaning that no animals were harmed during the winemaking process, nor were animal products used. 

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