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Sulphite free wines without compromise

Premium sulphite free wines, taste guaranteed

Sulphite free wines, naturally big in taste and quality.

Australia’s premier wine service for health-conscious drinkers, Feravina are proud to feature a range of sulphite free wine. All wines selected meet a set of health-based criteria to offer you a healthier drinking experience.

Sulphite free wine boasts a full natural flavour that also caters to individuals with sulphite sensitivities, or sensitivities to other preservatives in alcohol. Each bottle contains minimal sulphites and no other additives, produced by winemakers that embrace organic and biodynamic practices.

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Organic / Biodynamic

Organic or biodynamic wines, handcrafted by independent winemakers.

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Low Sulphur

<50ppm sulphites. Wine headaches no more!

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Sugar Free

Less than 0.5g net carbs/glass, making them technically sugar free.

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Low Alcohol

Our organic wines range from 10% to 13.5% ABV. Most are around 12%. 

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Vegan Friendly

No animal products are used in making our organic or biodynamic wines.

No Additives

No additives used in the winemaking process.

Sulphur free wine love notes


Each wine is better than the last.

Malvern, Melbourne

I love Feravina because I always know exactly what I’m getting – delicious and healthy wines. I’ve never had a bad bottle from these guys. Awesome service, quick and easy, and great idea.

Fitzroy, Melbourne


Looking for sulphite free wine? The reality is that sulphite free wine technically doesn’t exist, as sulphite (also called sulphur) is a naturally occurring compound that’s created through the fermentation process. For those sensitive to sulphites, the amount of sulphur in a glass of wine matters. 

Our low sulphite wines contain no more than 50ppm total sulphites, and most of this is naturally occuring in the wine. Most of this sulphur will often dissipate while bottled, leading to no detectable amounts of sulphur left after a couple of years after bottling. Commercial wines limit it to 250ppm. 

Many of our customers are sensitive to sulphites and have no problem with drinking our low sulphite wines - something they haven’t been able to do for years! 

At Feravina, we want you to drink better, enjoy fine sulphur free wine and still feel your best. Not only do we limit sulphite content to get as close to a sulphite free wine as possible, no other additives are allowed in our wines, giving you a cleaner drinking experience. Visit our wine collection to grab a pack now!

Australia’s first health-conscious wine service, our founder and sommelier Mike selects the very best natural paleo wines that are available to people all across Australia (excluding the Northern Territory). 

Delivered free to metro areas in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra (fees for other areas calculated at checkout), we have all types of paleo red and white wine options, from crisp whites to big full-bodied reds. Visit our wine collection to order your selection today and drink better with Feravina!

Feravina’s special range of low sulphur wine all originate from natural, organic or biodynamic based wineries. Searching far and wide, our sommelier seeks out the finest low sulphur reds and whites from across the globe.

Embracing a self-sustaining approach, countless wine producers across Australia and the globe are running natural, biodynamic vineyards. Organic and biodynamic based wine is ethically produced, and we select varieties that are also low in sulphur, vegan friendly, and sugar and additive free.

Feravina wine bundles are available in packs of 3, 6 and 12. Browse our selection of healthy sulphite and low sulphur wine and receive free Australia wide delivery. 

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