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Vegan wines expertly curated
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Delicious vegan wines that never compromise on taste and quality

When it comes to vegan wines, what’s in the bottle matters

At Feravina, we look beyond pretty labels to ask – What’s in the bottle, really? How was this wine produced? How will it make me feel while drinking it, and does it taste amazing? This is why all our vegan wines meet our health conscious criteria, to bring you some of the most delicious and healthiest vegan wines around:

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Vegan Friendly

No animal products like casein, egg albumin, isinglass or gelatin used in our wines.

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Organic / Biodynamic

Restaurant quality organic / biodynamic vegan wines, hand crafted by independent wineries.

No Additives

No additives like acids, tannins or colours allowed.

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Low Alcohol

Our vegan wines range from 10% - 13.% ABV. Most are around 12%.

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Low Sulphur

Less than 50ppm sulphites. Wine headaches no more!

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Sugar Free

Less than 0.5g net carbs/glass, making them technically sugar free.

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Explore the world of vegan wines

Discover incredible vegan wines from far flung places like Italy and Slovakia, to local gems in Australia.

Wine love notes


It took years for me to learn after going vegan that not all wines are purely just grapes. Feravina source their wines globally and are the best of the best. Cheers to great vegan wines from Feravina!

South Australia

I love Feravina because I always know exactly what I’m getting – delicious and healthy wines. I’ve never had a bad bottle from these guys. Awesome service, quick and easy, and great idea.

Fitzroy, Melbourne