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When it comes to vegan wines, what’s in the bottle matters

At Feravina, we look beyond pretty labels to ask – What’s in the bottle, really? How was this wine produced? How will it make me feel while drinking it, and does it taste amazing? This is why all our vegan wines meet our health conscious criteria, to bring you some of the most delicious and healthiest vegan wines around:

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Vegan Friendly

No animal products like casein, egg albumin, isinglass or gelatin used in our wines.

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Organic / Biodynamic

Restaurant quality organic / biodynamic vegan wines, hand crafted by independent wineries.

No Additives

No additives like acids, tannins or colours allowed.

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Low Alcohol

Our vegan wines range from 10% - 13.% ABV. Most are around 12%.

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Low Sulphur

Less than 50ppm sulphites. Wine headaches no more!

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Sugar Free

Less than 0.5g net carbs/glass, making them technically sugar free.

Vegan wine love notes


It took years for me to learn after going vegan that not all wines are purely just grapes. Feravina source their wines globally and are the best of the best. Cheers to great vegan wines from Feravina!

South Australia

I love Feravina because I always know exactly what I’m getting – delicious and healthy wines. I’ve never had a bad bottle from these guys. Awesome service, quick and easy, and great idea.

Fitzroy, Melbourne


As Australia’s premier service for health-conscious wine drinkers, Feravina proudly offers a range of vegan friendly wines to Australia. Sourced from leading global wineries with ethically sound practices, our wines are produced without harm to animals. 

Vegan friendly wines are hand-picked, otherwise small animals like rodents, birds and insects can end up killed by the grape-picking machines, and even end up in the wine!

Vegan friendly wines are also fined or filtered without using animal products like gelatin, egg white albumen, casein, and isinglass (fish bladder). Fining is often done to improve the colour and clarity of wine. 

All our vegan wines are organic or biodynamic, and naturally low in sulphur, alcohol and contain no additives that are often used in commercial wines, like colour or flavour enhancers, acids, antiseptics and tannins. Our featured winemakers are deeply committed to producing superior wine in a way that is kind to the environment and the health of our native ecosystems. 

From the vineyard to your glass, no animals are harmed, and no animal products are used, nor is the environment.

Yes! Our vegan wines are available to Australians across all regions of Australia other than the Northern Territory. Delivery is free to metro areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra. Shipping fees to other locations are calculated at checkout. 

Delivered straight to your door, we have all types of vegan red wine options, from light and smooth all the way to big full-bodied reds. And, as Australia’s premier wine service for health-conscious drinkers, our vegan red and white wines meet specific health criteria. Our goal is to offer you a healthier drinking experience, so you can feel better while drinking, and the day after too! Browse through our selection or grab a pre-selected grab wine pack. Feravina packs are available in bundles of 3, 6 or 12.

All our wines are either farmed using organic or biodynamic practices. An approach centred on self-sustainability, biodynamic farming represents a truly different approach to both farming and wine making. A biodynamic vineyard runs solely off natural materials, soil and compost while pesticides and fertilisers are nowhere to be found.

The soils are rich and balanced, the vines are healthy, and there is plenty of supportive flora and fauna in the vineyard ecosystem. In the winery, the wines are wild-fermented by native yeasts found on the grape skins, and nothing is added or taken away. Sometimes a small amount of sulphur dioxide (SO2) is added just prior to bottling.

The result is superior quality clean vegan wines that taste amazing, and make you feel good in knowing that you’ve made the best choice you can for you, and the environment. Browse our selection and order some of the finest vegan wines available in Australia.

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